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Prairie Moon Nursery

Prairie Moon Nursery has a massive collection of over 700 North American seeds and plants. It has an excellent plant finder and displays the Native Range of plants in addition to invasiveness. 

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Prairie Nusery

Prairie Nursery is a wonderful seller of U.S. Native Plants and Seeds, you can search in a variety of categories. In addition their website is packed with helpful information.

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Native American Seed

Native American Seed specializes in North American plains plants. They have a small but mighty selection of native wildflowers, grasses, unique conservancy species and mixes.

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Joyful Butterfly

The Joyful Butterfly's focus is on butterfly host plants of the United States. An excellent source of information on planting for butterflies and caterpillars.

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Grow Milkweed Plants

Grow Milkweed Plants is an excellent resource of all things Milkweed. You can search for native Milkweed species throughout Canada, the US and Central America by State Province or Territory.

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Izel Native Plants

Izel Native Plants consolidates the inventories of wholesale-only growers and retail nurseries into a practical mail-order solution.

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Wildflower Farm

Wildflower Farm specializes in US native seed. They have multiple meadow mixes, grasses, eco-grass blends and plenty of resources on their website.

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Ernst Seeds

Ernst Seeds has been focusing on ecological restoration for over 50 years. They specialize in bulk seed and have a pretty spectacular seed finder on their website.


**All vendors listed are neonicotinoid pesticide free**


See more state by state and regional Pollinator Conservation Seed Mixes recommended from the Xerces's Society

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